MX4 Event Invites!

(Sorry can’t post to News forum so putting it here)

Meizu is sending out cool invites for the September 2 event. Time to start guessing what the numbers on it mean…


Metal invite = The new metal based body/ internal Meizu plans to experiment with…
9.2 = Release date September 2nd
4G = LTE supported models
256 = something to do with 2560x 1536 screen resolution??
Exynos 5433 or 5430 maybe?
4+4 = Octacore
x3 = 3GB ram
20 = 20nm based manufacturing process which 5433 or 5430 use?
Or is 20 related to 20 MP camera?


I should i waited a bit more i guess… But i loved the style of these invites…

Yeah the invites are pretty cool. I like them much too :) can’t wait to see the new MX4 :D im pretty curious about the new aluminium back cover ;)


They’re really beautiful indeed, would love to have one in my collection. :P
4+4 obviously is for the Octa Core, and I also guess number 20 is for 20mpix camera.
But why 32, anyone? 32gb? Minimum storage? Or max SD card expansion? ;D


It is coming with aircraft grade magnesium alloy. Gonna be steing but light. But wonder how many $$ it will set the buyer back…


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