Think High - new Meizu product launching in 2 weeks

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Only 2 weeks time, not that much.

Let´s see how Meizu manages the leaks during this time:)

Hopefully the MX4 doesn´t dissapoint, looking forward to know its definitive specs.

i’m just waiting for flyme 4, i thought meizu would release it today… now i am dissapointed :( ^^

Today, benchmarks matter a lot less than they once did. Most decent smartphones are reading well over 30,000 points and the difference between them is negligible considering the apps and tasks we ask these powerhouses to perform day to day. Still it is hard not to get excited when a new benchmark record is set!

As far as we know the latest Meizu MX4 score of 52,811 points on Antutu v5.0 is the highest of any Chinese smartphone to date, possibly the highest of any phone globally.

What makes the score even more interesting is that the sources who leaked the image said it was achieved using the latest Mediatek MT6595 processor. A big.LITTLE chip with LTE built on board.

This version of the MX4 is said to be a mid-range unit with a processor speed of 2.2Ghz, a 1920 x 1152 resolution display and 20.7 mega-pixel camera. We also see from the image that the phone is running Flyme 4.0 (Flyme 4.0 has a white smart bar).

The top of the range Meizu MX4 Pro is believed to run the latest Samsung Exynos 5 Octa CPU, with 2K display.

It has long been speculated that Meizu could be launching more than one phone at the “Think High” launch being held on 2nd September. According to sources we will see the all new MX4 alongside a budget conscious Meizu MX3S.

It is the purported Meizu MX3S which we see here running Antutu and getting a score of 35,731. The sore isn’t the highest we have seen, but once you hit over 30,000 points most phones are running so well it is hard to tell the difference.

What is exciting is that the phone appears to be running the all new octacore Mediatek MT6595 processor with big.LITTLE Architecture. The MT6595 can also support LTE to but from the images we cannot see if LTE is enabled on this phone.
Is there anything else of interest here? Well yes there is! We can see the phone is running Android 4.4.2 Kitkat and judging by that white smart bar this is Flyme 4.0!

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