TWRP on Pro 5

It seems that the members of the Russian 4pda forum have managed to adapt and run TWRP 3 on Pro 5!

The guy claims he was able to backup and restore.

If anyone wants to try it:

@Pasha-Kagan literally just saw this on XDA and came here for answers. Man I’m excited! Do you have a link to the thread on 4pda?

Edit: OK nevermind. See the link IS the thread.

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Report if you try and how you did.

I’ve tried several times to register an account on 4PDA but the russian captcha is impossible to bypass correctly :( No account, no download… I’m able only to translate the page by google translator but I cannot see any download :(

EDIT : the download link on 4PDA doesn’t seem to work…

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i tried to access the link and downloaded the file… how can i share it with you guys? i already uploaded a file before and get a warning… So… give me an option and i will upload the file for you guys…

@DanCo90 you could upload it to a Google Drive or MEGA…

@PYCON Have you tried taking a screenshot of the captcha and using the Google Translate picture option?

@ShadowOfDeth said in TWRP on Pro 5:

@PYCON Have you tried taking a screenshot of the captcha and using the Google Translate picture option?

Of course but even I pass 10 minutes to look for one-by-one russian character and I write exactly the captcha, when I press “register” or “submit”, don’t remember, the forum still says that the inserted data are not correct !!! I’ve tried almost 6 or 7 times…

Here is the link:!SotVwBoS!0UiMo78BZTHVpMmVAGK_rj9ucY9J8cZ-_zSnmrGmehg

i downloaded it… but being unable to open or see what’s inside… Hope you guys do…

@PYCON lol if you’re that keen to join their forum maybe do some prep and have the Russian alphabet with it’s English (or whatever) counterpart bellow. I remember some time ago having to do it with the Greek alphabet for something.

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i managed to sign up on russian forum…:) it was kind of difficult but i managed to log in… hope that file helps…i also tried to download the file being logged in… but is no difference… still unable to open it with 7zip program…

@DanCo90 Don’t know if this helps but it’s basically just this:

Only it goes on and and on. If you have “Root Browser” comes with something called “RB Text Editor” and that allows you to look at pretty much every file type.

@ShadowOfDeth that i saw also on my pc with notepad++… don’t know if is ok or not… anyone ready to try this .img and tell us what it does? I guess that are some chances to brick the device? if not… i might try it…:D for the Family…

@DanCo90 If I owned a laptop or PC I’d be straight in there. Obviously whoever tries this 1st needs an unlocked bootloader for which there are easy to follow steps over on XDA.

Dude. It’s an flashable img file.

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