mx4 downgrade

hi i have mx4 .i want downgrat stable to 4.0.3 stable .Do I have a problem could arise ? can i . in flyme 5 my battery life is very bad

@Rey , hello again. Seems like from last topic about downgrade, answer did not change.

However, I’m still very uncertain about steps.

  1. Is there SPECIFIC for Meizu MX4 ANDROID KITKAT INSTALLER? Could you give the link?
    I encountered only Flyme OS installer, without Android Installation .zip. Is that mean Android installer ALREADY INSIDE of FlymeOS installation file???

  2. What are the STEPS for downgrade?
    a) download Android installer and COPY to MX4 CORE
    b) Turn OFF the smartphone.
    c) Press POWER + VolumeUP (wait for Meizu ot System Update)
    d) Select Options: System Update + Clear Data, then press START
    e) Wait for procedure END.
    Are these steps allright?

@Rey , thank you very much.

@Rey and @hadimtr , everything is OK.

@hadimtr , you need just to find and download proper FlymeOS.

BE CAREFUL with I - international and A - chineese versions for your Smartphone.

just in case, I found one

Good Luck.

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