• Optimization: Update emoji expression library that supports displaying more emoji expression.

Lock screen

  • Optimization: Optimization lock screen color capabilities, problem solving scenarios see some time.

Mobile butler

  • Power-saving mode: increase “wake-cutting” function switch.
  • Flow later: the traffic management settings to increase the purchase package flow inlet.
  • Traffic carried forward: support monthly traffic is not cleared.
  • Freezing: standby power management to increase “Smart application freeze” feature, clean power from a single application becomes intelligent decisions all power applications.
  • Fix: install new applications, remember to allow positioning to obtain permission or after permission has been asked.
  • Fixed: notification bar displays information flow switch failure problem.


  • Optimization: One week weather data increases ‘Yesterday’ data.
  • Optimization: Weather plug-in supports 12-hour clock.
  • Optimization: Weather widget theme support adaptation.

Set up

  • Volume setting: “System and Notification” volume bar is split into “sound systems” and “notifications” two volume bar.
  • Button at the bottom: Accessibility to add “at the bottom of the button style” setting item.


  • Optimization: Adjust the Home screen, display more inlet channels.
  • Channel Screening: Screening optimization experience within the channel.
  • Channel Home: Adjust Channel Home interface, and increase the recommended category list page.


  • Slide multiple choice: slide library to add support for multi-select operations.
  • Optimization: Modify the picture detail screen background transparency.

File Management

  • Installation package: The installation package management increase the installation status display.
  • Music: Music Category modifying information display.
  • Video: Video Classified by folder, adjust the thumbnail size.
  • Archive / document: Increase the number of files and folder size folder view, displays.
  • Image: Add all the documents classified, support slide switch. Folder view Add folder size information, all files sorted by date.
  • Optimization: picture folder view switching view increases memory function.

Status Bar

  • Fix: Use PPPoE Internet access, real-time display inaccurate speed.
  • FIX: When notification bar to adjust screen brightness sporadic splash screen problem.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

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