Flyme OS test firmware (MX4 Pro)

Mobile butler

  • Power-saving mode: increase “wake-cutting” function switch.
  • Flow later: the traffic management settings to increase the purchase package flow inlet.
  • Traffic carried forward: support monthly traffic is not cleared.
  • Optimization: When the desktop shortcut icon name same time, without permission prompt pop-up shortcut.
  • Fix: install new applications, remember to allow positioning to obtain permission or after permission has been asked.
  • Fixed: notification bar displays information flow switch failure problem.


  • Optimization: One week weather data increases ‘Yesterday’ data.
  • Optimization: Weather plug-in supports 12-hour clock.
  • Optimization: Weather widget theme support adaptation.

Set up

  • Volume setting: “System and Notification” volume bar is split into “sound systems” and “notifications” two volume bar.
  • Button at the bottom: Accessibility to add “at the bottom of the button style” setting item.


  • Optimization: Adjust the Home screen, display more inlet channels.
  • Channel Screening: Screening optimization experience within the channel.
  • Channel Home: Adjust Channel Home interface, and increase the recommended category list page.


  • Slide multiple choice: slide library to add support for multi-select operations.
  • Optimization: Modify the picture detail screen background transparency.

File Management

  • Installation package: The installation package management increase the installation status display.
  • Music: Music Category modifying information display.
  • Video: Video Classified by folder, adjust the thumbnail size.
  • Archive / document: Increase the number of files and folder size folder view, displays.
  • Image: Add all the documents classified, support slide switch. Folder view Add folder size information, all files sorted by date.
  • Optimization: picture folder view switching view increases memory function.

App Store

  • Featured plugins: optimized selection of plug-ins, no longer added by default to the Desktop.

Status Bar

  • Fix: Use PPPoE Internet access, real-time display inaccurate speed.
  • FIX: When notification bar to adjust screen brightness sporadic splash screen problem.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

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That is the difference between this and Flyme OS stable release?


@Latstyle not entirely correct. Stable firmware has all fixes (of all betas) and a few new features of the old betas.


Stable goes live same day with new Test one… so its simply impossible that Stable would have fixes from test one that was released same day… cause those new fixes just went on testing… (as he asked difference between this one and Stable one) and yeah Stable would have all fixes of Test (beta) versions that was released before this one…

It looks like every second version has this crazy power consumption by Flyme system service. I don’t get where the problem comes from, but it either sucks nothing on one version or takes 75-80% on the other. Pretty annoying get a premature discharge once don’t expect it at all…


@Kestutis this might be the issue. Sometimes a “dirty flash” can cause unexpected behaviour.

@Rey Thanks, good to know. Although pity, as I don’t spot any other issues in recent versions.


@Kestutis actually you 3rd person who noticed that .29 version more power hungry than previous .22
.22 over night eats 3 % (8-10 h) .29 eats 5-6 %

For me I’d say 22nd was more hungry than 17th. And 29 as well. System service has the biggest power consumption.

@dluck Did you also do a dirty flash?

@Kestutis said:

@dluck Did you also do a dirty flash?

yes. 22=>29 dirty flash.
but 17=>22 I did clear data.

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