A serious problem.

Guys,I recently updated to Flyme 5.I installed Google Installer and got my Play Store.The problem is that whenever I try to install an app,it says error.Any solution to this?


@Emperor can you share a screenshot maybe?
In the meantime you can try this:

  1. Remove your Google account.
  2. Delete Play Store & Play Services Cache and Data.
  3. Reboot.
  4. Login again to your Google account and try again.

@Rey How do I share screenshot?

Uninstall apps related to Google Play Store
Download and install “Google Installer version 1.4.4” from App Store
(Scroll down page to see “ View History”- click)
Run the Installation…
Update Google Play services
And you’re done!

@Efren The problem is I couldn’t even update anything.It keeps saying error.Should I just downgrade to Flyme 4?I’m very pissed now.


@Emperor you can make screenshots with Volume Up + Power, then you can upload them in the composer of our site.
You should maybe try to perform a reinstall of the entire device.

Follow our F.A.Q. for these steps:

Be sure to use “Clear Data” when flashing the firmware.

@Rey I tried factory reset but the same thing happened.


@Emperor check the F.A.Q. as said. Everything which is needed to resolve your problem was posted here.

@Rey It wasnt stated how to flash firmware.

@Rey How can I reset everything?I mean reset to the original version?

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