Battery issues on

Ever since I upgraded my Meizu metal to i have issues with the battery. The battery is decreasing too fast. Im just listening to music for 30 minutes and it is droping by 1% every 1-2 minutes. Even on stand-by its droping by 1% every 4-5 minutes. That is not normal, is it?

The battery was fine when the phone was on Can the phone be flashed back to text



@dadopuh sure you can flash back, but I am actually assuming you didn’t clear data when upgrading.
Therefore I would retry the upgrade with “Clear Data” enabled.

Hi, My M1 Metal came with firmware. Would I be able to successfully upgrade to the new version without battery/app issues?

What’s the difference between the UY and Y versions? The version runs great, except that I have to use the older version of facebook / messenger (crashes otherwise) and would like to upgrade those apps.


@Rey I have the same problem with the battery since i upgraded to Flyme OS with clear data

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