Repair MX4 Pro flat cable

So, i bought the pieces to repair but I can’t find a how to repair, a video or something.I really don’t wanna to damege the phone. Anyone knows where to find a manual or something like this ?

What ? Are you serious ? A Marvel video link ?

@Giordano-Bruno-Poter Here you go… guess this one will help you…


@Giordano-Bruno-Poter whoops… that must have been the ad I copied there. :smile: However @DanCo90 got the right video.
Sorry :D

That should be easy, You need only a good screw driver and a bit of patience combined with agility. Be gentle with pulling the connectors though they should be durable enough not to break ;)

Thanks guys, I’ll try ASAP

So guys, I BROKED MY FUCKING PHONE, MEIZU IS A PIECE OF CRAP. I did every thing fine, changed the cable and worked fine. I put it to charge and a half an hour later, the battery indicator had no changes. I said 'ok, let’s reset the phone, maybe is just a bug", so I did, the phone turned off. Opened that piece of crap again, checked all the goddamn cables, put to charge and nothing. So I solved everything with a hammer and Meizu lost a consumer, post selling of them is horrible, had many chinese phones, but Meizu really disappointed me.

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