Speakersound are terrible

Hi everybody.
On my MX3 the speakersound is very terrible it sounds like rabble.
Does anybody know to fix it?
Or can anybody tell me where I have to go to repair it?
Or knows anybody where I became the soundpanel?

Thanks Chriss.

Hallo alle.
Bei meinem MX 3 ist der Sound schrecklich, der Lautsprecher kratzt.
Weis jemand wie ich das fixen kann?
Oder weis jemand wo ich es reparieren lassen kann?
Oder weis jemand wo ich das Soundpanel her bekomme?

Danke Chriss.

Can you please remove the backcover and tell me if it gets any better?
I noticed lately that I have high distortion in maximum volume with my MX3, but that was not always the case. So first I thought it might have got some water or dust in the speaker, I removed the cover but everything looked fine, so I tried playing some music and guess what, it had no distortion or peak. As soon as I put the cover back on it started again… I will purchase a replacement back soon and I’ll let anyone ,who might have the same problem, know if it worked.


Hey Chriss,

war das schon immer so oder ist das erst vor kurzem aufgetreten?

Hast du vielleicht mit dem Equalizer der Musik App rumgespielt bzw. mach versucht die Software neu aufzusetzen (in der Recovery ‘Clear Data’ auswählen - Achtung! Alle Daten gehen verloren)?

Wenn es ohne Backcover besser ist kannst du vielleicht mal Viper4Android FX verwenden.
(Googles einfach mal)

Ansonsten bleibt nur der Rückversand nach Hong Kong/ China.
In der Regel sollte das ganze schnell ablaufen, es sei den DHL verliert dein Paket und du musst 3 Monate warten :D

My Speakersound is very good, even my wife said sound is really good.

I would say one of the best speakersound ive heard so far on smartphones.

I can only say the MX3 is really some awesome smartphone.

I would also try reflash firmware with clean data if it does not get better maybe the speaker is really broken.

I have the same experience…Everyone keeps saying that the speakers are the best they have heard…I guess these people have not tried the HTC ONE… The speakers sound is on the same level as Note 3…simple, flat and not so good…Sounds like cheap speakers and if I turn the volume all the way up its just terrible.

The speaker of the MX4 is pretty loud and clear on the other hand.

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