Calendar notifications annoying

dp you also get notifications from your synced calendars or is it only me?
I mean after I create an event in my synced calendar (lets say on my PC Outlook), in a minute I get a notification (it’s probably an invitation) to the phone which asks me to decline/maybe/accept it. And this is not on the event time - this is at time of creating the event.

I tried everything (all the possible settings)… Do you people also get that?
Would appreciate your comments.

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I uses google calendar, not problems

Yeah, I know I can use another calendar, but I would still get these notifications from system calendar
Yeah, I know I would then have to freeze system calendar etc.,
but I can’t believe that nobody is reporting this problem…? Don’t you people use synced calendars?


@marius512 nope - usually I have all my appointments in my mind :D
Which firmware are you using by the way? If it is Flyme 5 I would like to look into it again.

@marius512 said:

Yeah, I know I can use another calendar, but I would still get these notifications from system calendar
Yeah, I know I would then have to freeze system calendar etc.,
but I can’t believe that nobody is reporting this problem…? Don’t you people use synced calendars?

You have the solution and you still continue complaining?
If you really care to have a working calendar, do what other people have already proposed: Install and use a 3td party calendar.

For example I am using without any problems the Business Calendar 2.

@Rey I’m using
I was having same problem since first version (reported it to meizu, but doesn’t look like they done anything about that… ).

Try freezer app calendar meizu, and uses google calendar


@Dimitrive please, with all respect for you effort, but do not post if you don’t read the whole topic before.

@marius512, I didn’t found an option - sadly.

@viper I see you people don’t understand my issue here…
I’m syncing between my work (outlook) account and Google calendars
Never mind, just forget it.

Sorry for url
Option 1 – Import to Google Account

If you’re syncing your existing Android calendar with a Google account and you can publish your Outlook Calendar to the Internet, you can simply add the published Outlook calendar to your Google account. Depending on your setup, you may or may not have permission to do this.

Pros: You don’t have to allow your device to incorporate company policies on your device.
Cons: There is no two-way sync, meaning that you cannot add or edit items from the Android. The import is one way. Items also take a long time to update.
Companies that utilize the Outlook 365 service usually allow this capability, and you can follow these steps:

From your Outlook Calendar, select the “Home” tab, then “Publish Online” > “Publish this Calendar…” You might also have the option to publish to a WebDAV server. Read more about that feature here.
If you are indeed allowed to use this feature, you should be able to proceed with setting up the publication of your calendar. Set the “Access level” to “Public“, then select the “start publishing” button.
Copy the “Link for subscribing to this calendar” to your clipboard. You’ll need it for the next series of steps.
Login to your Google Calendar.
In the left pane, select the arrow next to “Other calendars“, then choose “Add by URL“.
Paste the URL you copied in step 3 in the “URL” field, then select “Add Calendar“.
Your Outlook Calendar is now added to your Google account, and will sync with your Android.

Option 2 – Sync With Exchange Server

If you’re in a corporate environment, it is likely your System Admin allows you to sync your device with the Outlook Exchange server. This will sync your Email, Calendar, and Contacts from Outlook to your Android.

Pros: You can use the Calendar just like you would in Outlook, meaning you can edit and create items on your calendar from your Android and they will sync with the server.
Cons: Your System Admin may gain some control over your device and enforce certain policies, such as a complex password.
If you wish to go this route, it can often be configured from the Email app using these steps:

From the Android, open the “Mail” app.
Your options from here on will differ depending on the device you use. Follow through the wizard and fill in the appropriate information. If the wizard to setup your email doesn’t appear, you may need to go to “Menu” > “Settings” > “Add Account“. You”’ also want to select the “Manual setup” option once it’s available. If you don’t have certain information like the address to your server, you may need assistance from your System Admin to get set up. For more information about this configuration, go here.
Once this configuration is set, you will be able to view and edit your Outlook Calendar right from your Android and you’ll have a two-way sync between the device and server.
Option 3 – Local USB Sync

If you want to do things the old fashioned way and don’t want to sync things over the network, you can use a third-party application like Android-Sync to transfer your data via a USB cable.

Pros: There is a two-way communication between your Android and Outlook. There are also no servers involved. Everything is local.
Cons: You have to remember to connect your device and sync it regularly, and there is a cost for the software. Results may also vary using this method as it requires quite a bit of configuring.
For more information on this type of setup, go here.

Option 4 – Outlook App For Android

Yep, that’s right! Microsoft made an Outlook app for Android. You can sync and use your Outlook calendar and more right from the app. Not all enterprise environments will support using the app, but if your Calendar utilizes services, this app is certainly worth checking out.

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