Disable email notifications

Hi all,

I’ve googled around quite a lot after looking here, but I can’t find the answer.
I want to disable all email notifications, but the security app where you can turn off notifications does not seem to list the default mail app, only apps that were not installed out of the box.
Does anybody know how to turn notifications off for the stock email app?

I managed to select the “mute” sound for email notifications, but I still get vibrations.
I get an email every 3 minutes, and it’s pretty anoying.
I don’t want to disable vibrations for all the other apps like agenda appointments, only for the email.
I’m currently running flyme 4.5.3I, as I still play around with the app center that will be removed in 4.5.4I, but if it’s fixed in 4.5.4I, I’ll upgrade. Anyone running 4.5.4I that can confirm that you cannot disable notifications for the stock email app?


@antoin I would remove the Email app and replace it with the Gmail one.
Sadly the original Flyme apps have a limited amount of settings.

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