My meizu mx5 fingerprint stopped working

I have an Meizu Mx5 and I have a big problem with it. Fingerprint and back button stopped working 3-4 days ago . I downloaded last update and after that it started to work. After 24h it stopped working again and I really dont know what to do with it. I sent an email to meizu for support and nothing. Please help me with this!


@InovationX did you tried to reinstall the firmware? Check the F.A.Q. for that:

Be sure to select the “Clear Data” option during the upgrade.

@Rey I reinstalled ,changed and reset from factory almost 5 times. I don’t really know what to do now. I just upgraded it to Flyme OS beta and still don’t work. I think is something from the sensor.

@Rey I’m from Romania,Do you think I can resolve it here ? I bought it from China.


@InovationX you can of course try to search on AliExpress for a replacement, but that would require you to open up the whole device and proceed the fix on your own.

It is best to return the device to your seller as Meizu providers no warranty, unless it wasn’t bought from an official retailer.

@Rey how can i reinstall flyme OS ? I downloaded Flyme OS beta and installed it from a site and after that, i have seen it isn’t Meizu. Now I’m trying to install Flyme OS from and my phone say firmware is corrupt. What can I do?


@InovationX it shouldn’t matter where you got it from. In the end the bootloader is very restrictive and won’t allow any unofficial firmwares.
The reason that you cannot use a G firmware is that the device is not an international one. The only way to get an international device is to buy it from an official overseas retailer.

@Rey I bought it from Aliexpress. Where I can find an soft for my phone ?

@Rey sorry to bother you but which ones ?


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