Flyme OS test firmware (MX4)


  • Optimization: Update emoji expression library that supports displaying more emoji expression.

Lock screen

  • Optimization: Optimization lock screen color capabilities, problem solving scenarios see some time.


  • Yellow Pages recognition: the list of personal numbers add text recognition Yellow Pages.
  • Short Message: Add a call to adjust the mass of information when an upper limit of five.
  • Optimization: Modify the long press of a single SMS bomb box style.
  • Repair: Some scenarios result in error messages card recognition problems.
  • FIX: Access the SMS interface session, click the double card switch button, Talkback voice broadcast no problem.


  • Optimization: When the dial pad stays open.

Voice assistant

  • Weather broadcast: voice broadcast new weather features, support local, remote, specify the date and check the weather broadcast.
  • Yesterday’s weather: Support inquiry yesterday’s weather.

App Store

  • Added: Related recommendation and the same developers to add “more” page.
  • Optimization: “Required” page new revision, to see more intuitive classification.
  • Automatic Updates: Automatic updates adjust the trigger condition, the lock screen state of charge, power is greater than 20% before the trigger.
  • FIX: Application Management Interface Press uninstall encryption applications can not be uninstalled successfully.

File Management

  • Optimization: picture category, priority picture folder name Remarks.

Download Manager

  • Optimization: Download Manager to download only the default environment in WiFi.


  • Optimization: player interface “similar songs remind” can be turned off.


  • Fix: zoom focus area after an incorrect mapping problems.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

hello guys, I noticed some bugs in this version: facebook messenger application does not work as it should, the bubble to the side of the screen doesn’t appear and if you are pressed notifications they do not lead to the application but to the homescreen . Another bug is that sometimes do not appear notifications , such as messages and whatapp , otherwise it all seems to work fine

@Davide-sforza I have and I can confirm the notification problem about whatsapp and messages sometimes… The bubbles in this version though works well

uhm Maybe there will be in the next version. we’ll see!


@Davide-sforza this is a known bug related to the poor quality of the firmwares. If you really need a daily driver you should go back to Flyme 4. Even though it is crappy as well, it is still better than Flyme 5.

@lolakis13 try installing them as system apps using titanium backup. Works for me

Yeah whatsapp and Facebook messenger

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