Flyme OS test firmware (m2)


  • Optimization: Update emoji expression library that supports displaying more emoji expression.

Lock screen

  • Optimization: Optimization lock screen color capabilities, problem solving scenarios see some time.


  • Yellow Pages recognition: the list of personal numbers add text recognition Yellow Pages.
  • Short Message: Add a call to adjust the mass of information when an upper limit of five.
  • Optimization: Modify the long press of a single SMS bomb box style.
  • Repair: Some scenarios result in error messages card recognition problems.
  • FIX: Access the SMS interface session, click the double card switch button, Talkback voice broadcast no problem.


  • Optimization: When the dial pad stays open.
  • FIX: 7-digit phone number is the same, call records are merged into a single number.

Voice assistant

  • Weather broadcast: voice broadcast new weather features, support local, remote, specify the date and check the weather broadcast.
  • Yesterday’s weather: Support inquiry yesterday’s weather.

App Store

  • Added: Related recommendation and the same developers to add “more” page.
  • Optimization: “Required” page new revision, to see more intuitive classification.
  • Automatic Updates: Automatic updates adjust the trigger condition, the lock screen state of charge, power is greater than 20% before the trigger.
  • FIX: Application Management Interface Press uninstall encryption applications can not be uninstalled successfully.

File Management

  • Optimization: picture category, priority picture folder name Remarks.

Download Manager

  • Optimization: Download Manager to download only the default environment in WiFi.


  • Optimization: player interface “similar songs remind” can be turned off.


  • Fix: zoom focus area after an incorrect mapping problems.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

Has anyone tried this firmware yet? Does it fix the notifications bug?
The update log doesn’t mention fixing this issue.

After all these updates I do believe the notification bugs, facebook and messenger will be only fixed in the final, international build. I can be wrong tho…

@Rey i’d say nice to know that, but no, it’s not. :D
looks like i’ll stick with the CM. Hope they’ll update that one too.

Facebook and messenger downloaded from play store work.

Can anyone tell me how to root this version?
It looks good so far, will report back after a day of use.

@nowv Kingroot did work with previous test firmwares, worth a look at it.

@danihungary said:

@nowv Kingroot did work with previous test firmwares, worth a look at it.

Work’s well with this one to.

Hi I’m eagerly waiting for the stable version. When can we expect to see it? Also how many beta versions meizu releases before the gold version?

Thanks, kingroot does work, however it’s a notorious for making connection with the internet secretely…Anyone knows of a way to switch to supersu? Super su-me app worked but once i reboot it hangs in there forever.
Thats when i found out you can place update.zips on the phone while in recovery, nicee!

Jad, this version is pretty stable , Haven’t realy found anything wrong yet. That being said they should be really close to the final version.

@nowv said:

Jad, this version is pretty stable , Haven’t realy found anything wrong yet. That being said they should be really close to the final version.

@nowv So, when you say ‘pretty stable’, does it mean that you have no problems with receiving notifications?
Has this bug in the Security Center been fixed? -->

Too early to tell, have received notifications, however in the older firmwares it was for me also more of a “sometimes yes sometimes no” situation. At the very least, the security menu seems to remember my choices not to kill the apps.

@nowv Thank you for the quick reply.
Please report back on the notifications bug after a couple of days, it’ll be very appreciated.
I’d try the firmware myself, but I’m using my phone both as my personal and my business phone, and I can’t afford to have the notifications problem, it could get me fired. :)

Haha sure, we don’t want you to get fired!
Side note, got to sucesfully delete and replace kinguser.
For any interested people:
Follow this post,
You can use this version of kinguser, newer ones might block the script.

Edit: there is a chance your phone gets bootloop and you have to reinstall the firmware.

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