My screen is broken

Hi guys,
I have a big problem with my Meizu mx3 ! Yesterday, my phone fell out of my pocket. My screen is broken and my touch screen doesn’t work. I would like to repair it, but i find no tutorial on internet…

Please, can you help me !?

Sorry for my english, it’s not my language :blush:

Depending on where you’ve bought the device, you need to send it to China or Hong Kong for repair.

I buy my meizu on a French site (, they can’t repair my phone… :/
How i can send it to china / Hong kong ? With THe Meizu support ?

Thx for your answer ! :)

Please contact for more information.


There was someine else trying to change the screen at home i think… Search the forum. However it won’t be easy i guess…

You could try contacting support through
They should be able to guide you as to how to get the device to their service center and procedure and stuff…

I sent an email to the support, I expect an answer ! :)

Thank you for your help !

Haven’t received the screen yet but it’s extremely easy replacement. Unscrew some screws and detach a few ribbon cables and the screen is free. If you sent it to meizu it would cost the same as a brand new mx3.

If planning to repair yourself I recommend this one. You won’t have to use glue or anything.

Thank donwuan

When you receive your screen, can you take some pictures of the repair procedure ? I find any tutorial on internet… :-(

Yeah I plan on taking a few pictures and a write up .

Thanks for this links !
I think I will wait for the donwuan photos, I especially would like a tutorial that shows how to change the screen :) (if possible)

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