Flyme OS test firmware (m2 note)


  • Optimization: Update emoji expression library that supports displaying more emoji expression.

Lock screen

  • Optimization: Optimization lock screen color capabilities, problem solving scenarios see some time.


  • Yellow Pages recognition: the list of personal numbers add text recognition Yellow Pages.
  • Short Message: Add a call to adjust the mass of information when an upper limit of five.
  • Optimization: Modify the long press of a single SMS bomb box style.
  • Repair: Some scenarios result in error messages card recognition problems.
  • FIX: Access the SMS interface session, click the double card switch button, Talkback voice broadcast no problem.


  • Optimization: When the dial pad stays open.
  • FIX: 7-digit phone number is the same, call records are merged into a single number.

Voice assistant

  • Weather broadcast: voice broadcast new weather features, support local, remote, specify the date and check the weather broadcast.
  • Yesterday’s weather: Support inquiry yesterday’s weather.

App Store

  • Added: Related recommendation and the same developers to add “more” page.
  • Optimization: “Required” page new revision, to see more intuitive classification.
  • Automatic Updates: Automatic updates adjust the trigger condition, the lock screen state of charge, power is greater than 20% before the trigger.
  • FIX: Application Management Interface Press uninstall encryption applications can not be uninstalled successfully.

File Management

  • Optimization: picture category, priority picture folder name Remarks.

Download Manager

  • Optimization: Download Manager to download only the default environment in WiFi.


  • Optimization: player interface “similar songs remind” can be turned off.


  • Fix: zoom focus area after an incorrect mapping problems.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

Meizu m2 note

@Rey hi ! Can we update to this 5 A from 4.5 i ? And then in future would I be able to go to the Global FlyMe 5 with the final version ?

@sxHeavy yes you can but make a back up

Has anyone tried this firmware yet? Does it fix the notifications bug?
The update log doesn’t mention fixing this issue.


@krsmans please do not spam your question.

@sxHeavy, @sagato00 is right. Also be sure to perform a “Clear Data” during the upgrade.

Meizu m2 note

@Rey clear data ? OK :/ I’ll need to reinstall everything :-(

Hi everyone, I have previous beta version and receive this one automatically. One problem stay from previous version - volume buttons change only media volume not ringer volume(on home screen).

I disconnected the wifi only. Bad image in video, pixilated. Spanish language would be appreciated too, for those who understand little English.

Se me desconecta el wifi solo. Mala imagen en video, pixelados. Se agradecería idioma español también, para los que entendemos poco inglés

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Meizu m2 note

I’ll be waiting as well for a confirmation on the notifications not working problem.


@Artem-Saliy unchangeable.

@jdmax spanish will not come back in any firmware, unless it is a global one. I would try to clear data, due to the WiFi issue, but maybe wait for a confirmation to see if anyone else encounters the same problem.

@Hellenicsun it is a well known Flyme bug and won’t dissapear unless the developers start to do proper work.

@Rey is there any leaked info about flyme 5 global release date? Im currently using and its buggy as hell


@chaotix according to the planned release schedule a global firmware is planned around end of March (next week) or April. However, so far there wasn’t even a stable A firmware, so it is unclear how long it is going to take.

@Rey i hope that there will be fixed missing contacts bug (if u save them only on google account and switch default accounts all contacts are gone forever), camera quality improvments, in 4.5.3 camera quality was way better, autocomplete glitches with touchpal (it inserts autocomplete text +adds what you typed already), glitches that u cant login with facebook in apps if u dont have facebook app and most annoying one is with wifi, sometimes it just freeze and websites never load until u restart wifi


I directly changed from Flyme os 4 to this latest beta version ! Great new features but I have a problem with google services in general !!
Impossible to connect my google account --> only loading on data verification but don´t have access to login !!!
Second problem is youtube --> I downloaded the version of Meizu App center and also from an APk --> But same problem for both : Youtube directly closes when I open it !!

@nimesix … i had same problem … but there is one solution install or any lower version … and install google installer from app store play store and play servicea will b installed correctly … take back up of these firmware from SETTING ----- ABOUT PHONE ----- BACKUP AND RESET

then finally install any higher version and apply last backup of or even lower it will automatically install google play store and play servicea …

R u from india

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