Meizu M2 Bluetooth bug Sony BM10 APT-X

Hello all!
I’ve noticed a bug in Bluetooth module in M2 model (version: 4.5.4I and 4.5.3O).
When I try to connect with Sony BM10 device, connection is established for not even a second and then it’s lost.
I’ve analyzed log file of Bluetooth HCI dump and it’s look like M2 connects with BM10 with success but when it starts to ‘ask’ BM10 about available audio modes on the third item sends something like ‘unknown - unknown’ (AVDTP 12 Sent Command - GetCapabilities - ACP SEID [0 - unknown unknown]). When BM10 receives that nonsense information responds with ‘reject’ command (AVDTP 12 Rcvd ResponseReject - GetCapabilities). When m2 gets ‘reject’ info from BM10 starts disconnect procedure and Bluetooth connection is lost. I’ve checked if this issue happens on M2 NOTE (version: and it’s look like all works fine. I’ve checked logs and M2 NOTE also sends to BM10 something like ‘unknown - unknown’ but when gets from BM10 ‘reject’ on this, it doesn’t start disconnect procedure but chooses first option anyway and Bluetooth connection stays alive. I’ve attached two log files (M2 and M2 NOTE).

Do you have any ideas what causes this issue and how to fix this? Maybe just by moving some Bluetooth-specific files from M2 NOTE to M2? I have access to root and both of smartphones.
Any ideas, clues would be appreciated.

p.s. to open those file you can use Wireshark. Please use filter ‘btavdtp’ to display the most important informations.



In meantime… I’ve figured out what could be ‘0 - unknown unknown’ profile. I’ve analyzed Bluetooth log file from Motorola Moto G (X1032) and it’s look like it’s SBC codec! Command in Wireshark: (AVDTP 25 Rcvd ResponseAccept - GetCapabilities - Audio SBC (16000 32000 44100 48000 | Mono DualChannel Stereo JointStereo | block: 4 8 12 16 | subbands: 4 8 | allocation: SNR Loudness | bitpool: 2…53))

That’s wierd because I think it’s very common codec shipped with any Bluetooth module, right? So Meizu M2 doesn’t have SBC codec information and that’s why it sends ‘unknown’ packet?

Log from Motorola Moto G connection is here:

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