issues after upgrading to Flyme 5

hi everyone! things have gone a bit wierd with my phone, and I couldnt find an answer in prvious threads, so I though ill ask myself…
so I was stupid enough to upgrade to flyme 5 on my MX4 without clearing any of the data. as expected, everything was slow and wierd. after a few factory resets, my phone seems to be mostly fine, but now I can’t access Google Play services. I’ve tried using the following:
force stop Google Play and clear ceache
reinstalling Google play
messing around with time zone settings
more factory resets, and all sorts of combinations of the former, with no results so far.
is there somthing I’m missing? maybe the Google installer dosnt work for flyme 5?

UPDATE: just downgraded to 4.5.7, and now it seems to work fine. anysuggestions on how I can have flyme 5, and Google Play??


@kibbutzmetal did you used the Google Installer in first place?

If yes do this:

  1. Remove your Google account in the settings.
  2. Clear data of the Play Store & Play Services.
  3. Reboot the device.
  4. Add your account again and start the Play Store.

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