How I can replace my camera glass?

Hello! Is it possible to replace my camera glass without opening the phone? My glass get scratches really easy and it makes me think that it isnt gorilla glass because my phone was always in my pocket with the camera pointing outside. I’ll be happy if you help me. Thank you really much.

@Rey So if I want to replace it I should broke the glass? Did I understand you correctly? Isn’t it possible to heat the glass with a hot air gun to make the glue under it softer and after that to raise it up using something like strong double-sided tape or a suction cup?


@Jerry89124254 I wouldn’t try to break the glass as you risk to damage the sensor/lense below it.
Trying to heat it up would be a possible solution, but you could break other components by the heat as well.

Its easy to broke and replace. No danger to damage sensor if do it on edge. But where to get glass? Ebay and… Sells only some crap. Scratses after week.

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