Meizu MX4 water damage

Hello, to make a longer story short; I dropped my phone in a bucket of water.

Took it up as quickly as I could, it was still running so it powered it off. Wiped it off with a napkin, took off the back and put it in a bag of rice.
I let it sit in the bag of rice while I had to run an errand and when I came back 30 minutes later, the phone was trying to start and got to the white meizu logo on black background, before restarting again. Stuck in a loop.

The battery felt hot and it made a weezing noise, which I know wasn’t good. So unscrewed the inner back and removed the battery. Then I let it sit in front off a fan for about 6 hours, then without fan overnight and fan again the whole next day.

Waited a few more days and now I put back the battery and tried to turn it on. No reaction. Plug in charger, no reaction. Let it charge for 20 minutes, no reaction. Remove battery, only charger, no reaction.

Does anyone have experience with MX4 and water damage? Could it be that the battery is dead? Can the MX4 start without the battery and just the charger? Or is the battery needed even if charger is plugged in?

Would a new battery maybe revive my phone?

Thank you.

@watsug That is a technical issue where you needed a help from a service center. They can test the phone without a battery and they may know if you’ll just need a new battery or something has been damaged like the motherboard of the phone. Your big problem now is how to wake up the phone since it will be hard for a technician if the phone is not responding at all.

No service centre in Europe? So I would have to send it to china I think.

Does anyone know if the MX4 can start without the battery, with charger plug only? If it can start without battery, I think the problem is the motherboard, as it doesn’t start with or without the battery.

When I connect it to my Windows 7 computer it comes up as MT65xx Preloader, windows found no drivers. but I was able to install a driver I found on the web. Now the phone is sometimes recognised in device manager as MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM Port (COM7).

Adb devices show nothing.

Maybe I buy a replacement battery then and try for myself if it start again?

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