cynogenmod 12.1 for meizu m2 mini

any feedback would be nice, who tried it! :)

i’ll try this ROM, and work :) ty

I’ve been using this rom for quite a few time and the recent builds can be used for day to day use.
Some bugs I encountered with some particular apps:

  1. Snapchat crashes while recording video.
  2. Some apps show “app not installed” error.
  3. Bluetooth kept crashing after flashing xposed.
    Here’s a newer version which I haven’t tried yet.
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@Ankush294 what apps exactly?
could you please check out the following? (or anyone. on this or the newest release)
-Facebook app
-WhatsApp if you use, do you get the notifications normally
-Third party lockscreen like Echo
-overall feel vs. stock rom? (4.5.4 on mine, thinking about upgrade, but don’t want to mess up my phone if it’s not good yet)
thank you in advance!
Any original sites for the progress of this rom btw? Where did you guys got the link? :)

Meizu m2

I feel a ghost touch after flashing this rom. Its a bug or?

I got that error with 8ball pool. Rest apps installed fine after I flashed the newer version (to which I sent a link). Also Snapchat error is fixed in this one.
CyanogenMod is my personal favorite so I prefer this over the stock rom.
I found the rom here

How battery’s doing on this cm? Better than stock?

@ElladanMRK 1% / 2h idle with 4G network and always on WiFi and with Facebook in background.

Was 1% / 2,5-3h on new flyme os 5 beta without Facebook

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@Dániel-Gál I don’t have facebook on my phone because it has a lot of wakelocks (eats up the battery).

It may not be a fair comparison, what you show here.

@sameerh743 hi, the link is dead, And how to install ?

@Ultrametric Thats why I mentioned Facebook, and on FlymeOS the Security app alawys closed everything which caused problem about notifications thats could increase flymeOS battery life too.

Sadly I don’t have enough time and proper app knowledge to make a perfect battery life comparison. and yes even 1 app can make a huge difference.

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