Notification bar

  • Repair: The next part of the scenario notification bar will flash read notification.


  • Card: add “microblogging headlines” and “Shopping” Card.
  • Check for updates: browser settings increase the “Check for updates” entry.


  • Yellow Collection: Yellow contacts increased collection function.
  • FIX: Dialpad to enter numbers lower part of the scene can not match Contacts.
  • FIX: Click suspension dialpad button, pop dialpad no animation.

App Store

  • Ranking: Charting a single revision, increase “early adopters list” and “game list”.

Set up

  • Optimization: Modify location-based services Copywriting Tips.
  • FIX: energy management show abnormalities.
  • FIX: guest mode Click mode master encryption applications appear flash back.
  • FIX: Encryption QQ, enter the password does not directly enter the QQ main interface, but returned to the desktop.


  • FIX: girls selling chart, network text books do not show update status label.
  • FIX: When you delete a local book, the bottom bar of the “delete” button will block the last line of books the name issue.


  • FIX: When the column “photo” to open big picture, the bottom line question momentary blank area.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

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