Flyme OS test firmware (m2 note)

Notification bar

  • Repair: The next part of the scenario notification bar will flash read notification.


  • Card: add “microblogging headlines” and “Shopping” Card.
  • Check for updates: browser settings increase the “Check for updates” entry.


  • Yellow Collection: Yellow contacts increased collection function.
  • FIX: Dialpad to enter numbers lower part of the scene can not match Contacts.
  • FIX: Click suspension dialpad button, pop dialpad no animation.

App Store

  • Ranking: Charting a single revision, increase “early adopters list” and “game list”.

Set up

  • Optimization: Modify location-based services Copywriting Tips.
  • FIX: energy management show abnormalities.
  • FIX: guest mode Click mode master encryption applications appear flash back.
  • FIX: Encryption QQ, enter the password does not directly enter the QQ main interface, but returned to the desktop.


  • FIX: girls selling chart, network text books do not show update status label.
  • FIX: When you delete a local book, the bottom bar of the “delete” button will block the last line of books the name issue.


  • FIX: When the column “photo” to open big picture, the bottom line question momentary blank area.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

How is this update any fc ???

Thread owner did u updated

I hav installed this update last night
Battery backup is as good as last update
Google ply services issue solved (google contents synchronizing appropriately)
Stable build
Performance is good
No fc
Only drawback is battery app shows less backup
Gmail is also synchronized

@Luis-Fernando notifications of gmail r not fixed, whatsapp and otgers are working

Meizu m2 note

@Rey When will the Stable version be released?

@Rey I have again synchronization problems with WhatsApp , Viber and Gmail . In fact , until I get into the application my self , doesn`t show me a new message. Notification and synchronization not work…

I just installed this beta version earlier in the morning! I have received notofications from Gmail and Viber as well!


@Meizuer something was planned for end March.

@Luka I know Flyme is buggy shit

@Tomas-Sparky please not double posting. I replied to your topic.

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Meizu m2 note

@Luka that’s how it is. I thought latest beta would have addressed the issue but it seems it has not. That’s why I returned back to stable 4.x.x.x until this is shorted out.

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