Slow charging problem

I have very slow charging problem with my mx4.
I check charging parametr by Ampere app and show me only 250A. I use 5x USB Aukey charger with 2A ports and wery good quality cables uGreen, but i check another harger and problem its not resolved.

In my old Galaxy S3 i had the same problem but I use custom kernel Boefflai and set charging on 1600A. When i do thad charging was fine, charge my Samsung by 1000A

Can I do something like that on my Meizu ?

Meizu MX4

@ninetales custom kernels are currently not possible on the MX4 but doesn’t really matter since your device is supposed to be charging at 2A (2000mA) which it clearly isn’t either due to the software that you currently have installed or due to physical damage.

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