Secret codes, exactly model info ?

Can someone tell me where exactly i can find model info. About phone

@3matija Hi. Well open settings , then go about phone and voila , there it is.
Model number, serial number, IMEI,android version, build number, baseband.

but it doesnt say is it model m578u or m578c or m578m …and that is important so i can now if it is good for my network

Meizu MX4

this web site is wrong, there is no m2 which supports the band 20


@3matija This website is to 100% bullshit.

M578 is public Chinese
M578H is global

Don’t trust random web pages.

If you want to know your model number have a look on your S/N.

If it’s Global it will be xxHxx
If it’s Unicom it will be xxUxx… and so on.

And about bands: All phones support the same bands, on the same firmware. It makes little difference wich one you buy. Enabled bands only depend upon the installed firmware version.

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@3matija said:

check this

So S/N on my m1 note is xxHBxxxx , so itś unlocked to any mobile carrier ,that supports those 2G.3G,4G bands.
Then you just have to check your mobile carrier signal bands.
isn’t it that, if you bought it from local meizu reseller store or via web, then it should automatically be the xxHxx version, right ?


but my model is m578u
i don’t think this just like that like “u”

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