Network + Camera issue

Hello friends,

I have two problems which are kinda annoying. First of all the Network issue I am facing with this device. After disabling the airplane mode it takes almost a MINUTE or more to connect me into the network (3G or 4G) I am using a BRAND new Vodafone sim card. Thought the sim card is broken so I decited to put the sim card into a few other devices. It way faster, to be exact like 3-7 seconds which is incredibly fast. That is not that annoying the second issue is way more annoying it happens randomly and I have also cleared data, AND I AM CURRENTLY USING THE LATEST STABLE FIRMWARE AVAILABLE ! Well when I am taking pictures, my phone will stuck and it will reboot after a few seconds I dont know why this happens. But I can tell you its extremly annoying…

Hope you guys can help me out with usefull advices. And things like restarting phone reinstalling firmware clearing data etc wont help

Thank you !

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I have same issue like you, waiting for the answer T-T


Did you guys properly upgraded (Clear data is required when going to Flyme 5!).
Otherwise I would encourage you to try the latest test firmware and see if it helps.

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