m2 or m2 note?

hi guys! i want to buy a meizu phone! i have a budget of 180€, and i dont know if i should buy a m2 or a m2 note. i read that the m2 has some heating issues, and i dont know if theres any way to fix that. i also read that the m2 note had the same issue, but once you update your firmware it fixes it. So please give me your opinion! should i buy the m2 or the m2 note!
Thanks for the help!

I own the M2 because I was on a very tight budget but I’ll break it down easily.

The M2 Note obviously has better specifications than the M2.
Gaming wise, no over heating for me as I occasionally game to pass time only.
If you need a phone that does the job nicely, 5" size, occasional use, the M2 suffices.
If you’re willing to stretch the bill for a slightly more powerful phone, go for the M2 Note.

Personally, I broke my old Honor 6 and I got the M2 just as replacement and I’m surprised that I’m very happy with it. Would I have gotten the M2 Note? Yeah maybe, but I honestly wouldn’t have noticed the difference once I get used to it on just daily day-to-day basis. Maybe if am a heavy user, I’d get the M2 Note instead.

Its all up to you. Basic smartphone and save money = M2.
Willing to stretch the bill for a slightly better M2? Get the M2 Note.

In my opinion, m2 note is a better buy, although mini is ok too. If I were buying a phone now I’d go with m2 note or metal.

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