Help! Dolby Atmos on Meizu Pro 5!

Hello, I am from Germany. I have now the Meizu Pro 5 with Flyme and have downloaded the mzaccount and rooted with the Root Permission. I want to install the Dolby Atmos zip, but I don’t know, how. I don’t have the twrp and don’t know what I can do. Can anyone help me? Sorry for my bad English.

Meizu Pro 5

@zzman there is no twrp (or any other custom recovery) yet … The only solution you have is to install everything manualy (exactly the way the zip installer is doing it), and it could not work fine…

You could try Flashfire which works brilliantly and hasn’t failed me yet when flashing stuff without a custom recovery.

However, installing mods like your Dolby Atmos and others such as viper4android just do not work on the PRO5 unfortunately. It’s been discussed many times on many different forums.

Here’s a link to my Drive for the Flashfire apk. It’s version 0.24 which seems to be the only version that works.

@ShadowOfDeth hey, thank you for your help. I downloaded the Flashfire 0.24 and I have installed with the Flashfire the Dolby Atmos zip. It has installed the Dolby Atmos but it doesn’t work. The app started but in one second it go out. Doesn’t work.

Used Flashfire 0.24 too ,…scared the hell , the balck screen ,never play with this stuff again . I have bad experinece with this chineese phones . managed to delete imei to an zte … very hard way to put him back ,manged to change band to usa from a simple hidden menu … very very hard to revert back ( all programs in chineeze ). Imposible to make it work dolby or viper4a … so we live without it. Next phone will not be an meizu now that i know they suck in software …

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