Sleeping WhatsApp (can't receive messages)

Hey, yes I know that this topic was here a few times but I was wondering if somebody has find a solution.
So my problem is that WhatsApp is behaving strangely (or Flyme is). When I’m chatting on whatsapp everything is okay. But after it’s minimized for some time and the display is off, messages just won’t come.
They come after opening whatsapp manually and I have to wait for like 3-5 seconds for them to be received.
I’ve searched, I’ve tried almost everything to get it going. And sometimes I was successful but now I am not again and I just really want someone to tell me what to do. It’s so annoying.
I’m running Flyme test firmware (but it didn’t work in earlier versions as well, nor in Flyme 4)
(Btw I tried root permissions, reinstalling, keeping in idle, holding the app in multitask so a little lock would appear, adding to whitelist in Security, regular permissions, notification settings, Push Notifications Fixer (app), lots of other apps for notifications, launchers, I tried freezing Security app, nothing has worked.
However, sometimes the effort worked but I think it was just some kind of coincidence and I don’t remember well what I did to get it working.
Even though one day I tried moving from A to I version and everything was just fine - no problems were occuring anymore. I can’t move to an I version with Flyme 5 now though…
So, anyone has the same problem and knows how to fix it? Or just some tips for me that could work?
Thanks, sorry for the long post.


Fixed this several times with “quick sync settings” app (or similar) and making the app stay open in muktitasking (must be done). Also make sure to allow notification permission for the app. Guess you have tried almost everything by now, so maybe it is caused by the fw.

@samanen I downloaded the app but it just links me to Flyme sync settings. Does it do anything except that? Perhaps it’s different with Flyme 5. Permissions are allowed. I guess you’re right and it’s caused by a bad firmware. Do you think I can do anything about that or do I just have to accept that I have to open the app manually every time? Thanks for your response though!

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