My Meizu M1 Note stuck at the logo (probably dead)

Hello guys, my phone stuck at the logo and repeatedly restarting. It happen when i forgot to charge my phone overnight and when i woke up, i straight away go to charge my phone and it keep restarting while its charging :sweat_smile:


  1. My fastboot option are still accessible ( volume down + power button )

Hopefully there IS a solution and tutorial and im not very good in booting/flashing


Im sorry for a month reply :pray: , I already try that one still no respond,

  1. power button = start up => logo => restart => repeat
  2. Volume up + power button = NOTHING
  3. Volume down + power button = “fastboot mode” command on the left bottom of the screen which I dont know what it is
  4. Volume up + Volume down + power button = NOTHING

I already sent my phone to local store (because my warranty already expired) and still they cannot solve it :crying_cat_face:

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