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Answer a call with s-view flip cover

Can anyone tell me if is possible to answer a call if i have flp cover.?? With samsung just slide on cover screen and all done. On my pro 5 must open the flip cover and slide on screen. There is a solution (a program for example) for this problem.? Also same problem with SMS. When open the flip cover the message note disappeare. Any solution.

Is there any s-view flip cover for pro5?
Upload photo of cover you want to buy first.
Our phone should not support anything except like in normal situation when someone call you it will show buttons of answer and reject

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@sors Dear friend. Read first and dont post for nothing. There is s-view cover, i have one. Just cant answer without open the flip cover like samsung. Solution for SMS problem??

@cpiafro my friend you did not get me right. I said the place of icons in screen of pro5 will not change with s-view or any other covers and also you cannot answer call by placing phone with cover near your ear. So, no solution for you because, phone does not support.
I did not know the shape of your s-view cover because, there are lots of different type of cover that somebody may call it s-view or anything else (you can search alixpress to see what I mean)I even saw a circle view one but, none of them works like the main one that designed base on lg or samsung and etc phones. It require to program the specific sensors of phone plus program the call, message and other apps accordingly so, that’s why different phones have different type of covers and none of them works with other phones (at least not work properly even if you use a custom app that design for that phone). For example, there is a dot view (like htc) for gs5 and note 4 but, even if you have specific app that design for note4 and gs5 that do similar job like the app in htc phones it does not work properly and just sometime work. So, don’t waste your time on smart cover of other brands for meizu.

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