Custom ROMs for MX4 Pro

Hey guys, are there any news about custom roms für MX4 Pro? My Chinese isn’t very well :D I’m interesseted in CM or Omni Rom, but are there any progress and are there roms without bugs?

thanks und greets

Why all programming is for the MX4 and there are nearly no Roms for MX4 Pro?

What’s with Omni, will it be continued?


@fre2dyy well, the MX4 has more users and there are less issues with the drivers as it has been for the MX4 Pro.
This is why Tatsyuki (the dev of OmniROM for the MX4 Pro) decided to stop. Reserve engeering took him too much time.

@Rey it’s too bad… do you know how stable the Omni Rom build from 22.02.16 is and which bugs it have and is it stable enough for daily driver?

Cameras not work, just only thing the fail for daily use. Maybe mx4 pro users will never have this function working. Because users with this phone, don’t have know how to fix that… I love omni rom…flyme have many bug, delay in notifications, apps, default browser…

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