~~199€ Meizu MX5 with 32GBb [SOLD]~~

199€ Meizu MX5 32GB [SOLD]

Hello guys,

I got a new toy, I am selling my old one. As this is a Meizu fan forum, I won’t bother to write down the specifications ;)

Contact information;

Price: 199€
Current Item Location: Norway, Tormsø
Shipping costs: negotiable
preferred paying method: Paypal

Condition: Used

  • minor signs of usage.
  • Fully functional just like a brand new one.


  • Original box n original stuff
  • Stilgut high-quality cover



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Meizu MX4 Pro

have you got another Meizu device?


@mx4pro @Geo-JO I have a Xiaomi Mi5 now.

No, I will never get a Meizu device again. (Learned my lesson.)

FlymeOS is shit. (If need be I can explain this better, for all the newcomers, who may be tempted to say “HATER”.)
If you use FlymeOS for a longer time and judge reasonable about it, it turns out to be years back and crap. :(

Edit just because it’s on my mind:

Have a look at this one: http://goo.gl/D1Cjyd

Meizu is so stupid, read the following.
Meizu did the following:
-Disabled security center (set to permissive)
After that global beta testers (Sascha and I) told Meizu, it’s stupid what you did, please change it back. Disabling the security center will cause battery drain and increase the internet traffic.
Meizu’s response: We don’t give a fuck.

Then later customers complain about a battery drain. (What’s caused by the SecerityCenter being in permissive mode)
Meizu’s response: You customers are idiots (lack knowledge), that’s why the battery drains.

The whole story is very entertaining, as long as you don’t own a Meizu device!

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