Meizu MX5 screen easily corrupts??? Any fix?

This morning when I woke up Meizu MX5 fell off my desk. Desk height is reached 38cm. Just 38cm and display doesent working. Is this a joke? I have meny phones and last my phone Xiaomi MI3 fall a milione times and screen never was broken.

I dont know. I give 300eur for Meizu MX5 32GB and I get just a very bad phone.

I post some photoa of my phone. Maybe some of you know how to fix it. Thx you a lot for every help and advice.

The displey is working just I have a “blue and black” screen and I cant see notting. At first time it just was afew lines and half of the screen was blue. But now the whole screen is black and blue.

Is there any way to fix this? Pleaae help me.

P.S. May not be a problem because of the fall. I read somewhere that another person had a similar problem. but that when he awoke he saw such a display.

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I assume the guy you mention is me. If not the same thing happened to me.

No one knows how it happened. To short, there is no way to fix the problem. Your only choice is it replace the screen. It is around 90 USD in Aliexpress. You have to order the ones with the frame.

I didn’t replaced it mine. I don’t know if it is works out or not. My phone stays broken

Today in the morning, when i unlocked my phone, the icons apearead like the’re in 16 colors mode, some strange artifacts appeared on screen, after reboot, thats the only thing i see (on the picture). Any ideas?

alt text


@djpszczol I would think your drivers are fucked up… did you mess around with your system?

@Ultrametric no - not recently.
Is there a way to hard reset it without access to display?

I had the same screen with the picture.

I did hard reset. Didn’t worked out. Actually, if you pressure right top side of the screen (phone facing to you), you probably will see the screen back to normal. That is where the cables connected to LCD.

There are 2 cable attached to LCD frame. Yellow one is fingerprint sensor. And black is for display. In my case, the connection to the LCD(black cable) is loose. When I pressure I can see the screen come back to normal.

Sensor works fine. I lock screen. And can unlock it with swiping. When I connect to computer, I can access the files. So, there is no problem in the micro system, or software, I assume.

Anyway. Please update if you find a way to solve this

@Sadi-Nasib wow, pressing it accually did something - now it looks like this - i will try to disasemble it and look at this connectors as soon as i get right screwdriver, I’ll update here on the situation,
Thanks!!alt text

I try evrything but still notting. I need to order from Aliexpres or go to service if someone have and can replace the diaplay.

So, if i buy a new one display will i have the same peoblem after one year?


@iskomx5 none knows. For me it looks like the faulty part is the display and not the mainboard. Therefore I would say you just were unlucky and got a shitty display in the first place.

Meizu MX5

i got a problem too,
the screen is not working,there is a greenish glow all over it
the finger print sensor is fine,and there are 2 black patches on the screen
what do i do??? please help

@yusufismx your screen is fucked you cant do anything tbh… just send it back to resseller or replace screen.

Meizu MX5

@Antonin-Srnsky will i be getting the screen with the same FHD amoled quality?

Meizu MX5

@Rey okay, thanks for letting me know

Any update guys? Have you guys done anything? Figured out something?

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