Charger for Mx3

Hi guys,

I want to have one more extra charger for my Mx3. Any suggestions for where to buy it? I would like to buy an original Meizu charger, not OEM ones.


@AOKP thanks a lot but I have some dumb questions:

1- Is it for MX3? Because on the product page it says as below:
"Delicate white design, used with USB cable, to ensure safe charging and battery life of your M8/M9/MX/MX2."
2-No European versions available? I think Meizu doesn’t produce them since they are focused in Chinese market but as they have an “international version” I have hope too! :)


1.It should work fine.

2.Yeah, I thought about that, too.
As far as I know the HK (international version) uses the same US adapter.

But as I saw on there is an EU adapter too.
Unfortunately I can not find it anywhere.

Maybe you want to try your luck on AliExpress (be careful) or simply ask Merimobiles or Liaow.

uhmm, I will see what I can do…

The charger at Liaow is the Chinese version with 2 flat pins. The Hong Kong charger has the English design with 3 flat pins and English text instead of Chinese. The EU charger was originally designed for Russia and I haven’s seen it sold separately anywhere.

But please notice the Chinese MX3 officially comes with a different charger, UP0515, and not UP0512B! But rest assured, in Hong Kong Meizu includes the same charger for the MX2 and MX3, UP0512U.

I am looking for genuine charger for my mothers MX3, but I cant find any on eshops, only in aliexpress, what do you think about thisone?


@mapoTN just buy a good charger quality charger from amazon.

It’s more reliable than aliexpress. The shop you linked is pretty new, so I don’t recommend it to you. Try to find a shop that is around for years, and has consistent good ratings, if it has to be aliexpress.

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