Flyme OS test firmware (m2 note)


  • Optimization: Update Baseband version.
  • Optimization: containing multiple numbers of contacts, top show recently dialed numbers.
  • FIX: When you call, do not display the home even now.

Voice assistant

  • Recommended Home: New Home Recommended function to facilitate the understanding of the use of voice assistant skills.
  • Optimization: When the wallet is not installed, use the accounting function would recommend downloading wallet.
  • FIX: Background music, call up voice dialing call assistant, concerts and voice calls overlap.
  • FIX: even now entered the music business after identifying songs, has prompted the network anomalies.

Landscaping theme

  • Purchase history: my themes, wallpapers, fonts module adds “Purchase History”.
  • Favorites Function: themes, wallpapers, fonts increase collection function, “My” page associated module adds favorites list.


  • Added: Settings - to switch cities, increasing urban phonetic lookup function.
  • New: Find alphabet offline download increase urban functions.


  • Optimization: The weather and clock widget and adjust aspect ratio.


  • Optimization: Update clouds default picture albums.
  • Optimization: Optimization of large image interface Double click to zoom browsing experience.
  • Fixed: Gallery does not show a coupling current folder.

Notification bar

  • Optimization: quick adjustment switch on animation.

Lock screen

  • New: When using Lifekit, screen lock bracelet increase Bong connection success tips.


  • Fix: slow motion camera sporadic underexposed.


  • Fix: add important contacts, contacts have not been checked on the check.
  • FIX: search out contacts no avatar.
  • Fix: Add Account page, the address bar or password input field after touch Home key can not return to the previous.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

Installing it atm. Its nice that they made it so you can download OTA. The last 2 versions i had to download myself :P

Anyone experiencing device heating up issue?

hey guys im from indonesia and im using this rom,im confused when using chinese app store,is there a way to install google play store ? Please Help me .
Thank you in advance

@Dhekun1408 download from the chinese app store the google installer and then run the app.

Flashed it yesterday…til now is good…battery life got better…thank you devs…

@philhpmoris34 wow thank you so much,you save my day :D

Where is the root permission tab gone … plz confirm anybody facing issue on this update … except root rest is charm

@swapnil3250 go settings-security its the root permisions

have someone try change themes? to my phone don’t work

Hi i’m on i have tried this version but Google play store dont work, someone can help me thanks

@philhpmoris34 their no tab or option of root permission …

1st when i had installed then i had root permissions but play store was not working, like it was showing error while downloading any
2nd time i flashed again fresh installation, play store was working good no error no FC, then i updated to through updater app without wiping data, phone booted properly but was no root option in security setting …
What is the problem … can anybody resolve it

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@swapnil3250 when update from to you have root permisions?

@philhpmoris34 this is my menou in before update i have root permision and i dont do clear data

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