Flyme OS test firmware (m1 note)


  • Optimization: containing multiple numbers of contacts, top show recently dialed numbers.
  • FIX: When you call, do not display the home even now.

Voice assistant

  • Recommended Home: New Home Recommended function to facilitate the understanding of the use of voice assistant skills.
  • Optimization: When the wallet is not installed, use the accounting function would recommend downloading wallet.
  • FIX: Background music, call up voice dialing call assistant, concerts and voice calls overlap.
  • FIX: even now entered the music business after identifying songs, has prompted the network anomalies.

Landscaping theme

  • Purchase history: my themes, wallpapers, fonts module adds “Purchase History”.
  • Favorites Function: themes, wallpapers, fonts increase collection function, “My” page associated module adds favorites list.


  • Added: Settings - to switch cities, increasing urban phonetic lookup function.
  • New: Find alphabet offline download increase urban functions.


  • Optimization: Update clouds default picture albums.
  • Optimization: Optimization of large image interface Double click to zoom browsing experience.
  • Fixed: Gallery does not show a coupling current folder.

Notification bar

  • Optimization: quick adjustment switch on animation.

Lock screen

  • New: When using Lifekit, screen lock bracelet increase Bong connection success tips.


  • Fix: slow motion camera sporadic underexposed.


  • Fix: add important contacts, contacts have not been checked on the check.
  • FIX: search out contacts no avatar.
  • Fix: Add Account page, the address bar or password input field after touch Home key can not return to the previous.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

Hey, even though being rooted I got the update!

same problem with notifications with whatsapp, on previous build I received them, now on this build I don’t at all.

All betas till now notifications were coming, but from this update, they don’t, all settings applied etc, but no notifications…

screen appeared with black stripes on the lock screen.
a screen like this.
alt text
alt text
the upper part, sometimes the time and date will not open.
alt text

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What has to do with the specific firmware?

never had a situation like this before. with this update occurred.

@viper said:


What has to do with the specific firmware?

yes this has something to do with firmware especially beta + m1 note is having this issue not all but some , seems like the display is either undervolted or overvolted in the beta’s causing this , i suggest going to service centre asap

If it’s a software issue (like you say), then more users should have complained about this (I see only one) and also the installation of another Rom should easily solve the problem.

I don’t think there is a problem with the phone. the previous version was no problem.

@karsavar said:

I don’t think there is a problem with the phone. the previous version was no problem.
Now install any version it will persist most probably,
See what I’m saying is that the software issue seems to be causing hardware issue and I’ve seen many cases 4 of em installed beta version after which they had this issue.
Even my cousin is having this issue some apps work okay whereas so flicker like that

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Does anyone know if there is any work around for this notification issue. Maybe some app I can install so that I can get whats app messages when in stand by. 90 % of my usage of the phone is Whatsapp so I kinda want it to work It doesn’t appear that the dev team see this as any kind of a priority. Its been doing this since I upgraded from Kitkat to lollipop, people have been complaining all along. None of the beta releases have fixed it. I have White listed it and done all the other steps. I have even Factory reset my phone a bunch of times(which isn’t a fun job). I am overly happy with the phone and the amount of updates. Flyme is hands down the best mobile OS I have used. The only issue I have is this and the removal of DiracHD from the music app options(Makes 0 sense why they haven’t just added it back in after people have complained)

The good: great battery imporvement with respect to previous versions. Everything but the keyboard is very fluid.

Th bad: - notifications delay, even allowing google framework
- Sound is sometimes “craked” when play something
- Still miss hotspot icon in quick settings at the notification bar, I did have it in flyme 4.02, and loved it.

BTW, is there a way to customize the quick setting buttons we have?

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