Flyme OS test firmware (MX4 Pro)


  • Optimization: containing multiple numbers of contacts, top show recently dialed numbers.
  • FIX: When you call, do not display the home even now.

Voice assistant

  • Recommended Home: New Home Recommended function to facilitate the understanding of the use of voice assistant skills.
  • Optimization: When the wallet is not installed, use the accounting function would recommend downloading wallet.
  • FIX: Background music, call up voice dialing call assistant, concerts and voice calls overlap.
  • FIX: even now entered the music business after identifying songs, has prompted the network anomalies.

Landscaping theme

  • Purchase history: my themes, wallpapers, fonts module adds “Purchase History”.
  • Favorites Function: themes, wallpapers, fonts increase collection function, “My” page associated module adds favorites list.


  • Added: Settings - to switch cities, increasing urban phonetic lookup function.
  • New: Find alphabet offline download increase urban functions.


  • Optimization: Update clouds default picture albums.
  • Optimization: Optimization of large image interface Double click to zoom browsing experience.
  • Fixed: Gallery does not show a coupling current folder.

Notification bar

  • Optimization: quick adjustment switch on animation.

Lock screen

  • New: When using Lifekit, screen lock bracelet increase Bong connection success tips.


  • Fix: slow motion camera sporadic underexposed.


  • Fix: add important contacts, contacts have not been checked on the check.
  • FIX: search out contacts no avatar.
  • Fix: Add Account page, the address bar or password input field after touch Home key can not return to the previous.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

sim card contacts don’t work
say-> sim card is busy, please retry later

Only thing I noticed so far is a weird notification bug: whenever I’m writing a message in WhatsApp, the last notification I received pops up in the notification bar repetitively, although I already read the message.

I have problem with sms, sometimes don’t receive, someone has an idea how to fix it?

Meizu MX4 Pro

the only thing i noticed is with the random notification popping up. can someone tell me if its possible to change he home screen from left to the center? i cant find this out. outherwise a very good version

Does this support google playstore? I’m having troubles openning my google Playstore after the update.

Really? In Chinese version Flyme 5? @Giorgos-Hamouroudis ? I kept of installing the Chinese version but still Google Playstore won’t be allowed to open.

Meizu MX4 Pro

@Benedict-Zambo255 i am using and the play store works flawlessly. It took about 20 mins for “Google Installer” to download and install everything, but other than that i had no problem at all using it

It’s a better version than previous. I cant find any error in this version :)

Battery please!!Flyme drains 65% of power. Its less then 24 hours without charging, I`m not using my phone often.

same here, from 5.5.x until Stable and, the problem is still “here”.

I’m going back to…

@thkounadis said:

same here, from 5.5.x until Stable and, the problem is still “here”.

Turn off gesture wakeup, smart voice, smart touch, join user experience improvement program, nfc,… at these settings turned off my phone lasts more than 24 hours.

@kopczas I am talking about the lost sms issue, sometimes I’m not receiving sms

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