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Remove "swipe from bottom" gesture?

Is there a way to remove or at least change the swipe from bottom gesture (double home button tap would be better!) that opens up the recent tasks bar? I don’t know if this is happening to anyone else but I’m a relatively fast typer on the phone and if I tap on “space” and tap any alphabet above it quickly, the recent tasks bar pops up and I switch to another app, its fucking ANNOYING! It happens if I play some games as well which has control keys nearby the bottom bezel. I do have Nove Prime Launcher but haven’t found a way around it.

@Cobalt Same problem, did you find solution? can we maybe change position of swipe or add some delay.

I use apex launcher, no problems but my smart touch is disabled

I haven’t found a way around it yet. I’m considering flashing to Cyanogenmod.

@Cobalt I saw cm 12.1 on xda thread, any official thread with bugs or something like that

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