MX4 Pro Loose Screen/Clicking

Hello lads. I bought the mx4 pro and it arrived about 2 weeks ago. Everything is fine with this excellent phone except an issue with the screen. The problem is that the screen clicks/pops in and out of the frame a little bit. When i press it sometimes the screen goes in and out of the frame. Not very much, just a little. If i put pressure on the back of the phone the screen comes into place and doesnt click any more, but it doesnt last for long. after some use it clicks again. Anyone else had ever this kind of an issue? I dont know if it is a problem with the adhesive of the screen or loose screws Thanks for helping!

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@laf TAKE PICTURES OF THE PROBLEM if you can see it, and email back to customer care wherever you bought it from and ask them what to do (send it back!)

Hello and thanks for replying. The thing is that i got my phone from China and i live in Greece, so it’s my last resort to send it back, cause it will take like 2 months to come back to me. The problem cannot be seen through a picture. Imagine as if you touch your phone screen and it gets down for a couple mm and then it pops up.

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anyone else has a problem with loose screen on any meizu device? probably the screen is not glued very good on the bezel. i have this problem only on the left uper side of the screen


@laf actually around a year ago someone had the same problem - the screen felt out of the frame in the end.

thanks for answering! did he solved his problem with sticking the glass back on the frame or something?

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