Where to buy Meizu Pro 5 ?

Hi guys, Its me again, last time I had the Meizu mx4 and the battery life was awful so i sent it back. Where can I buy Meizu Pro 5 ? A legit website ? I’d love to buy the MX5 PRO 64GB under £300 - ($400) Thanks !


@brownbear Are you sure you want to buy an outdated phone?
The first SD820 phones just hit the market these also run Android 6.

If I was you, I would either wait for the 2016 model of Meizu or go for another brand.


@brownbear hi,buddy,glad to see you here and I’m gonna tell you that we have the phones you are seeking for.But I was wondering which kind of color do you prefer, we have got the silver white and the silver black ones. Maybe you should contact our staff on flosmall for more details.Hope this can help you.:smiley:


@brownbear @flosmall Hehe

I just got my new Xiaomi Mi5 from flosmall, ordered on Friday morning arrived on Monday afternoon ( super fast shipping)

If you are looking for a fast shipping shop that’s trustworthy, get it from there.

And you could also consider to get the SD820 powered Xiaomi Mi5 ;) it’s a nice one.


how did you buy the Xiaomi Mi5 ??? He’s still on presale??? On the Flosmall page all are “sold out” ???


@pilik I guess I got lukcy!
Ordered it last Friday and got it yesterday afternoon :) (It was the only store who had it in stock + DHL shipping + tax insurance)

Until yesterday it was in stock. I would watch it closely on Thursday afternoon if you want one. Xiaomi will ship out the 2nd wave today or tomorrow in China.

Thanks for your info . I consider it to buy me . It’s hard because I have recently brought Meizu Pro 5 and am satisfied . For more phones me unfortunately the money is missing ! ;-) Then Should the Pro 5 sale May I ask what you have paid a total of ? With shipping to Germany ?


@pilik It won’t be worth the upgrade I think.

Going from a MX5 to the Mi5 is a step forward (quite a big one)… but from a Pro 5 to a Mi5 is a little step :P IMO

@Ultrametric said:

)… but from a Pro 5 to a Mi5 is a little step

Hi Flosmall ! I checked your website and you guys don’t have the Meizu Pro 5 ?

@Ultrametric Yes but i can’t wait for another 6 months for a new Meizu haha ! I love the pro 5 !!


@brownbear hi, sorry we hadn’t put it in stock yesterday , but it is on sale now !:smile: You can check our site again for your Meizu Pro5 now.:smile:


@pilik hi, sorry, by now , Xiaomi MI5 has been sold out , no phones in stock . But the new coming phones are on the way!:smile: So we can put them on sale as soon as possible , keep in touch with us and you will find it on our site soon.:smile:

Guys where can I buy pro 5 international version. The ones on aliexpress seem to be Chinese 'U’versions with international software.
It’s very confusing, I want the ‘I/G’ version to unlock the bootloader.

I’ve been away from meizu since August when I move country.
So little out of the loop, if I got a Chinese version can I change to i/g firmware and then unlock the bootloader? Or will it simple not work on anything than true/real international version?

Also what is the international version model number? M576…?

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