Problem to "RE"root after reset my phone

(First of all I’m french so sorry for my english)

So my problem like I wrote in the title it’s that I just reseted my phone (root) and now I have a version Unroot of my phone :

But when I go to the menu to "RE"root the phone like I did before the reset it said like my phone is already root but actually is not:

It’s said “OPEN” like before the reset when my phone was root
So I’m here to find a way to resolve this potential problem :smiley:


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@Rey what do you mean by clearing data? Like rereset my phone? Maybe I know why I had this problem I think it’s when I reseted I use something to save all my phone like applications, numbers, game, saves and all my parameters and maybe it’s because of this I don’t know, I’ll keep you posted.

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