Meizu PRO 5 erases my gallery photos when I reboot


I’ve had this new Meizu PRO 5 for a month or so and I have just noticed this really weird error. When I turn off and on again my phone, the gallery section of my photographs disappears. There is nothing in it as if I had deleted them all or not taken a single picture ever. All the other photos (imported in the microsd card, whatsapp, screenshots, etc) stay intact.

I have upgraded the firmware from to 5.1 2.0.G.
Any ideas of what is happening?

Thank you


I just realised the photographs weren’t erased. They just stopped appearing, but they can still be found if I go to the file browser, in the DCIM foolder of my microsd card.

Maybe there’s a problem with the directory of the photgraphs to be shown in the gallery every time I reboot?

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@jabercu hello… You have problem with photos… Nd i have with contacts. I also own meizu pro 5 about a month, and since day one i have problem with contacts. I had all my contact sved on sim card, so when i tryed to transfer them to my phone i need to “go through New York” to input them… And finally when i managed to do so… My phone decides to delet most of them. Any idia how to fix this problem?

when I open the gallery photos, photo sets in black color. photo often does not open or take long. Pass version A to G. use Method 2 meizu fans. Any solution? Thank you

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