Lost my Phone App Icon

One fine day the phone icon disappeared from the icon bar at the bottom of the home screen.
It is not amongst the other icons but has disappeared completely.
I can still receive calls, and when I do the icon appears when I swipe up the screen to see the running icons, but when I try to move it by long press , hold and drag to the main part of the screen, it disappears again. So, I cannot make calls.
I have got a Meizu M2 note, running Flyme 4.5.4.
Can anybody help?

Meizu MX4 Pro

@sbisrael hmm I would flash your current Firmware again (without clearing data so you wont lose anything)

Thanks for that.
If I don’t get another solution today, that’s what I’ll do.

You can Clear data of Flyme Home screen (delete app data). Settings - Apps - All - Flyme Home screen - Clear data

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