In my Pro5, since 1 month ago battery is draining twice as fast because there is a process called “media service”.
Media Service used to eat about a 5% of battery while now it stands for 20-60% every day. The device gets hot. I turned it into battery saving mode in order not to get too match degrees and save the processor.

Ok, media service is a common issue in old smartphones but not so common in new ones without SD.
What I did so far:

  • Reset.
  • Scan for *.mkv files.
  • Clear junk
  • Delete downloaded files
  • Delete all video content.
  • Unninstalled all aps that scanned media (spotify, vlc player, FB, etc…
  • Turned off gallery settings “backup to cloud silently”

Nothing worked out. Please can somone help me?

Thanks in advance!! Here you have some screenshots: