Here, i have a problem with my meizu m2 note. So yesterday as always i browse 9gag (through its app not the web), instagram and youtube on m2 note with my house wifi connection and it run flawlessly and theres nothing wrong with it. And so today i was doing the same thing but it doesn’t seems right. The 9gag apps always loading the images and then it says “connection error” and the instagram does that too. So i checked my wifi connection and then i restarted my wifi. But the problem is still there. And then i tried to reboot the phone but the problem is still there too. And then i try to open some videos on youtube on this phone and the video quality is 1080p so, i think it’s not my internet, it must be my phone problem. Any help? Note : when im using the mobile data the problem is gone. So whats the problem?

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