Phone freezes - apps dont respond.

Hello guys. So I have flyme and when i try to open (for instance) music app it just freezes. I can only press back and it returns to my home. Tried to put apps from SD to Internal, but it doesnt make any difference. When i check my storage… it sometimes doesnt even “find” my SD card and when i check the internal storage it doesn’t show how much GB i’ve used (i’ve put somescreenshots). So i guess my phone freezes. Thanks for the replies. T.

If you need me to tell you anything else…post, ask. :)
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Hey guys… i’ve put a video on youtube. Sry for the bad quality, thought it would film at at least 720p.

"My meizu has some problems… The applications dont work. If i want to listen to music on my phone i cant, because it says “(application) isn’t responding. Would you like to wait or close it” .(browser works, don’t know why)… When i check my storage it doesn’t show how much i’ve used it. It doesnt even show my SD Card (I’ve got a 16gb SD Card in the phone).
if i restart my phone it works for a little while and i can view my photos and listen to music…but for max half an hour, then it isn’t responding again.

Oh the cellphone also restarts on its own. It says it’s “optimizing app”. But…this happend a lot of times now."

Best regards and thanks for the answers in advance. :)

I would say, download the latest firmware for your version with good reviews and reinstall your phone. You could also try entering recovery (power+volume up) and click the erase user data. Both option will erase your data so make sure to backup. Afterwards you will have to install play store etc. again.

@nowv tried to download and re-upgrade it… the problem still occurs. Should i downgrade it, or possibly upgrade it to 5.0?
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@Rey Thanks for the suggestion…will wait another week or two (for a more stable version of Flyme 5). :)
Thanks again.

@Rey what do you suggest…is the latest beta version ‘stable’ enough? Or do you suggest that i download the latest flyme 5 stable version? I have now 4.5.4I
Should i wait another week?
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@4D1L you should go the stable version overall.
Unless you always want to be on the edge of the latest updates & possible bugs ;)

@Rey Hey, man. I’ve tried to update it on flyme 5 stable, but the problem is still occuring :/ Do you have any idea why and what could be the problem?


@4D1L did you tried wiping your internal storage? Maybe this can help, but no guarantee given.

@Rey Do you mean like before upgrading when i clear all data?


@4D1L have you tried to wipe the SD card and the internal storage once and no, I mean like wiping them like on Windows.
Also does it works without the SD card?

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@Rey Could you tell me the instructions, please? I know what you mean, but don’t know how i’d do it.
No i haven’t tried without the SD card. I will try and see if it will work (but don’t know why it would).


@4D1L it could be the Media Scanner causing the crashes. To wipe your internal storage to to Settings>About phone>Storage>Factory data reset (Flyme 5).

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