Meizu M2 Note, Metal or Mx4 Pro

Hi, I’m going to buy my first Meizu smartphone, but I don’t know which is the best quality-price.
My budget is about 150-230€.
These are the options:

  • Meizu M2 Note: 165€ in Amazon with 2 years of waranty
  • Meizu MX4 Pro: 220€ in a Spanish store with 2 years of waranty.
  • Meizu Metal: 200€ in the same store as Meizu MX4 Pro.

I have read that MX4 Pro is the best, but I don’t know if Meizu is updating the smartphone because they have discontinued the production of the Phone because of the Alibaba’s actions.
My perfect phone would be the Metal, but because it don’t have International version I don’t know if Spanish language will be kept on future versions of YunOS.
Also, for me it is enough with the specifications of M2 Note, but it doesn’t have fingerprint sensor.

I prefer not buying on chinese stores, because there isn’t much difference in the price.

What Phone would you buy?
Thank you for your help

PS: Sorry for my bad English :P


The MX4 PRO is the best of that lot. The price you mention is for the 16g version.
I have my used 32g International version for sale bought in HK on 29/1/15. It is here in London you can have for 230 euros, I believe thats more than a fair price for this super 32g International phone. The phone itself is pretty much unmarked, has a tough 9H glass attached with one small chip at the top of the toughened glass itself. It has various spare back covers which I never used as I always had it in a flip cover to protect the whole phone. I can send the used flip covers. It has the usual charger and leads and box. You will have to add postage as the price is more than fair for 32g full international version. It has the latest stable 4.5.7I international firmware already loaded,
Lemme know if of interest. Rgds Charles

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