Meizu m2 can not turn on- problem

Meizu m2, will not turn on or respond to any input
Phone is brand new - never had any kind of damage.

I have purchased Meizu m2 (mini – from aliexpress, reliable store, ET).
The device come with international rom.
I have update it via OTA to 4.5.4I successfully.

One day later I restarted the machine, at the same time I connected it up to a power adapter.
Afterwards the phone will not turn on, no matter what.
Not responding to power button,
Or any combination like : power button+volume_up, power button+volume_down, power button+home_key. Short and long push combination.

Indication led does not light, even when the device is plugged to the power adapter.
Adapter and cable are good, checked them with another device.
If I connect it to PC via usb cable, nothing happens as well. The pc does not recognize any connection on usb.

I uploaded a video (in English) on YouTube.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

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